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Life’s challenges—relationships, addictions, careers, and others—can block the way to success. Swami Ji offers individualized spiritual solutions to these issues. By stepping in to clear obstacles, Swami Ji’s disciples are guided to lead a life of abundance.

More than three decades of rigorous spiritual training has equipped Swami Ji with a method that delivers results. His solutions, mantra and ancient healing remedies, are renowned for individualization based on his guidance.

Disciples’ solutions are never replicated. You are unique, your problems are unique, and so your solutions are unique. Each client is given a mantra and sadhna plan as their spiritual remedy, varying from introductory to advanced. The solution strives to achieve one core goal: liberating you from your problems.

Although Vedic astrology aids in mapping issues at hand, these solutions are created independently of astrology. From intense spiritual training and experience, Swami Ji provides healing insights by detecting optimal energy alignment within an individual’s auric fields. Meditative and yogic techniques are introduced and disciples are provided opportunity to share their questions, challenges and concerns with Swami Ji. By beginning to heal, we realize our true potential.

Swami Ji believes our karma and sadhna hold the power to change. If we work with ancient spiritual remedies based on mantra, tantra, and yantra, nothing is impossible.